Republique and Athelas New Music Festival have challenged Holland House's artistic director Jacob F. Schokking by asking him to stage live music. What happens when music is combined with Jacob F. Schokking’s strong and visual scenic expression?

Jacob F. Schokking has been summoned by Republique to investigate the meeting between art music and dramatic art. We are introduced to a race between a bicycle and a piano, and ther internationally renowned conductor Pierre-André Valade leading 100 metronomes.
The music is interpreted by a star-studded team of musicians and is tied together by Christian Winther Christensen’s electronically interventions. Time is the central point in TICK, TACK, TOCK. All of the five selected musical works has in common, that they challenge or relate to the experience of time. 

György Ligeti created a stir in 1962 with his work Poème Symphonique for 100 metronomes, all of them has to be pulled up and strike in different paces. Ligeti called the work ”a critique of all ideologies - because they’re all obdurate and intolerant towards others.

Per Nørgård’s piano piece Achilles and the Turtle is named after the famous paradox of the Greek philosopher Zenos: Achilles will never be able to catch up with a turtle, if the turtle obtains a head start. Per Nørgård sees the piano piece as a race between musical elements ”where no one wins”. 

In Steve Reich’s Four Organs the four Farfisa electronic organs plays an accord together that changes and breaks, while the pace is gradually increased from one eight note to 200 beats in the end. Reich mentioned Debussy, Thelonious Monk and the medieval composer Perotin as inspirations of sound.

In Morton Feldman’s Three Voices the soprano sings precisely synchronous with two previous recordings of her own voice. First without words, then with chased patterns, inspired by oriental rugs, and lastly in a toned version of Frank O’Haras poem Wind.


Staging/Set design: Jacob F. Schokking
Lightning design: Peter Plesner
Video design: Jakob Thorbek and Lotte Broe, Spild Af Tid
Sound design 3 Voices: Gert Sørensen
Decoration builder: Nikolaj Trap
Racing cyclist Jakob Alexander Bertelsen
Technician: Frederik Heitmann

TICK, TACK TOCK is a co-production between Holland House & Athelas New Music Festival