TECNI (2012)

A musical performance after early works of Per Nørgård.

”Confuse as many people as possible” was the motto for the Danish composer Per Nørgård and his older brother Bent in their artistic productions from their early teen years in the late 1940s. 
The brothers invented their own genre, called Tecni, which was a mixture of cartoons and comics. 
They made several Tecni-stories that they performed for their family by use of a simple projection technique, accompanied by singing and piano music. 

Photo: Thomas Petri

The musical performance TECNI is based on one of the Tecni stories; Tors Rejse (Thors journey).
Tors Rejse is a story about the gods Thor and Loki from Norse Mythology. 
In Tors Rejse Thor and Loki travel from Valhalla to New York to discover, why mankind has stopped making sacrifices to the Gods. 
In New York Thor participates in a throwing the hammer-competition, and both of them are offered leading parts in a big Hollywood production where Jean-Paul Sartre, among others, figures as an unsuccessful scriptwriter.

Per Nørgård appears in TECNI, either as a voice-over or on video, where he sings, plays or tells stories next to the piano. In between the Per Nørgård's story telling and Thor and Loki appear sequences with words and tones from Adolf Wölfli, the Swiss and mentally ill artist, whose art influenced Per Nørgård’s compositions in the 1980s.

The set design is an architectonic installation with movable plates where walls are used as screens for video projection and as a way of changing the scenery on stage.

TECNI is a kind of vivid portrait of Per Nørgård, which tie together all the different threads from his oeuvre – from the childhood’s early and hitherto unknown productions, the Wölfli-inspired opera THE DIVINE CIRCUS and forth symphony, and up to the know 80- year old and reflecting Per Nørgård.

Direction: Jacob F. Schokking
Composer: Per Nørgård
Text: Per Nørgård, Bent Nørgaard, Adolf Wölfli og Ursula Andkjær Olsen
Cast: Helene Gjerris (mezzosopran, ukulele), Jesper Egelund (double bass, banjo), Anna Klett (clarinets), 
Frans Hansen (percussion) 
Set design: Jacob F. Schokking
Video design: Spild Af Tid
Lightning design: Frederik Heitmann
Sound design: Gert Sørensen
Costume design: Christine Mayer - Berlin

TECNI is a co-production between Holland House and FIGURA ENSEMBLE

TECNI is supported by The Danish Arts Foundation and Bikuben Foundation.