He said I needed to change. He wanted me to tell him a story. About a man and a woman meeting each other somewhere, for example. Two people meet! A woman responds to a man's job advert. She expects the position to entail sexual favours, but it turns out to concern something completely different.

For the German playwright Roland Schimmelpfennig this becomes the beginning of a story. Several stories, actually. The woman narrates and enacts a number of stories for the Man. Imagine meeting a stranger like that and falling in love! Like the famous 19th century naturalist who made a gifted parlour maid his assistant and later his wife. Like the librarians who dare not open the floodgates.
It is merely a game, but it is deadly serious, of course; they assume a role that is supposed to change their reality and open up a new world.
Schimmelpfennig's text shows that meetings or practices always conceal a theory. We all carry along our ideas and prejudices about the other. But we will never get really close to the other, if we only relate to our own theory. We must listen to the other. Or, in the words of the naturalist in one of the stories: "The core of any science is observation!"

The many spatial and temporal jump cuts make MAN MEETS WOMAN perfect for Jacob Schokking's visual production and video projections that clarify the changes in time and identity and reveal the many emotional spaces at play in such meetings.


Text: Roland Schimmelpfennig
Translation: Hans Ægidius
Direction/Set design: Jacob F. Schokking
Composer: Gert Sørensen

Trine Dyrholm
Jesper Lohmann

Light: Peter Plesner
Sound: Mogens Lauersen
Video: Jakob Thorbek

Producer: Traudi C. Palsbøll
Produced by Holland House in collaboration with Kaleidoskop/K2

World premiere at Kaleidoskop K2, March 26th 2008