KINDER K (2016)

Award-winning drama


Holland House' critically acclaimed performance KINDER K is an artistic and visual investigation in two parts, that confronts the ethical and societal consequences of genetic selection. The one narrative stems from Austria and is based on the authentic 1930s situation around the very start of the extensive euthanasia program AKTION T€developed in the Third Reich. The other story is pure fiction and inspired by the ethical dilemmas which modern parents face in the course of a pregnancy as a consequence of the availability of a variety of prenatal tests. KINDER K exposes the striking similarities in the fundamental ethical conflicts that arose in both 1939 and today.

1939: Gerhard Herbert Kretschmar was born in Germany. He was missing both feet, one arm and furthermore he was blind and epileptic. 156 days later Gerhard was the first child to be put down by the Nazis’ euthanasia program. A program that was meant to ensure the extermination of all lives, which, according to the national socialistic ideology, weren’t worthy lives.

Today: HE and SHE are expecting their first child, but the amniotic fluid test shows that something isn’t right. HE and SHE have to decide whether or not they want to continue the pregnancy with a risk of having a baby, which deviates from the normal, or if they want to have an abortion.

KINDER K is written by the Norwegian and award-winning playwright Kristofer Blindheim Grønskag and was one of the winning scripts at Norwegian Theatre Council’s Drama Festival in 2012. The Council said: ”KINDER K stands out as a beacon for human dignity and the inviolability of life”.

KINDER K is directed by the award-winning director Jacob F. Schokking, and the music is written by the young female composer Alice Carreri, lead singer in the electronic orchestra Lulu Rouge. On stage are two young aspiring actors, known from the award-winning show The Legacy and Dicte.

Photo: Thomas Petri



Text: Kristofer Blindheim Grønskag (2011)

Cast: Josephine Park, Niels Erling

Staging/Set desing: Jacob F. Schokking

Music: Alice Carreri

Sound design: Troels Bech

Lightning design: Turpin Napoleon Djurhuus

KINDER K is supported by Danish Arts Foundation, Oticon Foundation, Bikuben Foundation, Beckett-Foundation, L. Zeuthen Foundation, Norwegian Playwright Association, Municipality of Copenhagen, Norwegian Embassy in Copenhagen.