BARCODE 02 (2015)

BARCODE 02 is the second concert in an on-going series of live remixed and staged concerts produced by Holland House. 

BARCODE 02 is the next chapter in the BARCODE-series and was presented for the first time at the theater festival Journées Théâtrales de Carthage in Tunisia, October 2015.
BARCODE 02 is a staged concert with compositions by John Cage, Steve Reich and Franz Schubert, performed live by actress Rikke Lylloff and singer Jakob Bloch Jespersen. The concert contains prose and poetry by writers such as Gertrude Stein, James Joyce and Robert Desnos.
The live performance is accompanied by brand-new video animations of rotating chairs, singing heads, mountain vistas, hectic striptease choreography and musical notation painted with human brushes.

In the supermarket a barcode represents the product’s signature. The tiny beep at the cashier tells us that the code has been read in the only correct way. Code and reading are fixed in relation to each other – otherwise the distribution system would break down. 
In musical notation every bar contains its own code. In this way every singer and musician is a kind of barcode reader. In music the code and decoding aren’t locked in a fixed interrelationship. In music the code is open to interpretation – or rather, music does not happen without interpretation.

Director/set design: Jacob F. Schokking
Musical remix and composition: Gert Sørensen
Cast: Rikke Lylloff, Jakob Bloch Jespersen
video cast:  Rikke Lylloff, Jakob Bloch Jespersen, Jacob Stage, Anne Plauborg
Lightning design: Turpin Napoleon Djurhuus
Sound design: Troels Bech
Video design: All video material is original work created in collaboration between visual artist Jacob F. Schokking and video designer Alexander Fog.

BARCODE 02 is suported by Danish Arts Foundation and Wilhelm Hansen Foundation.