BARCODE 01 (2015)

On May 29th 2015 Holland House presented the project BARCODE 01 at the National Gallery of Denmark in Copenhagen. BARCODE 01 is the first part of Holland House's major and multiannual project BARCODE, which consists of a series of live remixed and staged concerts and will take place through 2015-2017. BARCODE 01 was a staged concert with rarely presented works by composers such as John cage and Steve Reich and live-performance by actress Rikke Lylloff and singer Jakob Bloch Jespersen. BARCODE 01 consisted of brand-new video animations of rotating chairs, singing heads and mad striptease-singing.  

Photo: Ane Mette Ruge



BARCODE uncovers interrelationship in the music where least expected, for example between British caroling from the 1700s and a modern classical composition, or how percussion performed underwater connects washerwomen on the island of Vanuatu to a Chinese contemporary composer. With BARCODE we aim to lay bare some of those links and connections within music that the majority of the audience do not know exist.

For each of the following concerts various Danish and foreign artists will be invited as guest performers based on the repertoire that is ultimately selected for the individual performances.


Cast: Rikke Lylloff, Jakob Bloch Jesperson

Music: John Cage, Steve Reich, Gert Sørensen

Staging: Jacob F. Schokking

Video production: Alexander Fog

Assistant video editing: Jens Bidstrup

BARCODE 01 is supported by Danish Arts Council and Wilhelm Hansen Foundation