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In a supermarket barcodes are condensed and coded information’s about product identity, time and place of origin, price and similar hard facts. The short beep at the cash register signifies that a barcode has been read in the one and only correct way; i.e. code and decoding are locked in a fixed format.

In musical notation every bar contains a code. Thus every singer or musician using a score is a kind of barcode reader. But in music the code and its decoding define a more or less open field of interpretation.

The BARCODE project explores extended forms of interpretation, both in its approach to musical performance and other means of expression.

The music in BARCODE is subject to rescoring, mix, live remix, visualization and staging.

BARCODE is driven by a fascination of minimal music of the 60s-70s, modern classics of the 20th century and minimalistic musical material from various traditional cultures:


BARCODE is a series of remix concerts that will take place in 2015 and the following two years. BARCODE is a process-based project and the actual format of any given performance is defined by the collaboration of partaking artists. For the first part, we have assembled prominent artists from the Danish music scene, such as renowned DJ and composer Mike Sheridan,  music producer Gert Sørensen, the pianist August Rosenbaum, as well as the critically acclaimed opera singer Jakob Bloch Jespersen. Artistic director of Holland House, Jacob F. Schokking, will act as director and scenographer of BARCODE. Various Danish and foreign artists with be invited as guest performers based the repertoire that is ultimately selected for the individual performances. 



MIKE SHERIDAN – DJ and electronic music producer

Mike Sheridan, also known as the wonder kid of Danish music, is a Danish DJ and electronic music producer. He released his debut album I Syv Sind* in 2008, when he was only 16 years old. I Syv Sind was critically acclaimed and won a Danish Music Award for best electronic album of the year. Mike Sheridan has composed music for ballet and theatre performances, movies and other shows. As a part of the release of his second album Første Øjekast** (2012) he performed at the National Broadcasting concert hall supported by other renowned Danish musicians and ensembles.

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*To be in two minds

**First sight


GERT SØRENSEN –  music producer, Trap drummer, and composer

Gert Sørensen is educated trap drummer from the Danish Royal Aacademy of Music in 1986. Since 1986 he has been engaged as principal solo trap drummer at The Danish National Symphony Orchestra.

Gert Sørensen has performed as a soloist on stages around the world on tours in America, South KChorea and Japan, where the repertoire has consisted of new Danish percussion music, dedicated to Gert Sørensenwritten by composers such as Per Nørgård, Poul Ruders, Ole Busk and Bo Holten.

Gert Sørensen has composed and produced music and sound design to several theatre performances (e.g. 4:48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane, produced by Betty Nansen Theatre), and . Gert Sørensen has also produced numerous CD-recordings with contemporary and classical music.


JACOB F. SCHOKKING – Director/ Set designer

Jacob F. Schokking is a Dutch visual artist and theatre director/set designer, educated as a visual artist from the Academie voor Schone Kunsten in Gent, Belgium. Jacob F. Schokking has resided in Denmark since 1981, and in 1988, he became the co-founder of the theatre, Holland House, where he’s still the artistic director.  With an extensive use of video projections and digitally manipulated graphics, Schokking has created a highly original style that has gained increasing recognition in Denmark and abroad.

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