Political theatre. Holland House scrutinises our shattered illusions in the wake of the Arab Spring

6. - 17. December 2016 at The Royal Opera's Takkelloftet

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Photo: Thomas Petri

Photo: Thomas Petri

“You are all potential dictators! Get up on a chair and you will experience it! Either you will become the leader or you will serve him!” Quote from What the Dictator Did Not Say.

Despite massive riots and political upheaval in 2011, the concepts of freedom, autonomy and self-determination still cannot be taken for granted in most Arab countries.

Now Holland House stages the Denmark premiere of the play What the Dictator Did Not Say by the young Tunisian writer and lawyer Meriam Bousselmi.

In the monologue, the playwright, who herself took part in the revolt, gives voice to a toppled dictator. The result is a captivating, subtly accusing and humorous monologue, in which the author reflects on such themes as manipulation, authority and freedom.

Representing a new Arab generation of artists, Bousselmi succeeds in reintroducing politics into art. With What The Dictator Did Not Say, she helps lend the concept of political art renewed relevance and importance.

Performances are in Danish.

Cast: Joen Bille

Staging/set design: Jacob F. Schokking
Text: Meriam Bousselmi
Translation: Per Aage Brandt